That's not all...!

There isn't only the Ben Pon Show, no there is more!
As mentioned the weekend before the SBOM5 - Split Buses Only Meeting in Spain will take place, they will convoy that week towards Amersfoort. There will be the Open House & BBQ at Evam Classic & Klassic Fab in Woerden, the Netherlands on Friday before the show.
And if your planning to stay longer be sure to visit the Split- & Ovalwindow Day in Wilnis the Netherlands on Sunday May 27th as well! All this is definitly worth visiting and staying for.

In the weeks before and after there are many things to check out, as we have several classic VW Shops in the area like BBT, Kieft & Klok, VW Bus Brothers and others. Or get in your car and drive to Wolfsburg in Germany to visit the Volkswagen Museum and Autostadt. The Grundmann Museum in Hessisch Oldendorf is well worth a visit also... nope, you won't get bored!!

Some pictures from the Split- & Ovalwindow Day 2017:

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