Convoys from everywhere!

Convoys from everywhere like Scandinavia, the UK and Spain. Your doing a convoy from somewhere as well... let us know.

Spanish Convoy: But here is one all planned out already, the Convoy from Spain organised by our friend Xavier Cervera organiser of the SBOM meeting.
These guys are organising their SBOM5 - Split Buses Only Meeting in Port de MatarĂ³ (Barcelona), Spain on May 12th, the Saturday before the Ben Pon Show. They will start cruising to the Netherlands on Sunday from Spain and will arrive at Vintage Autohaus in France on Monday. Tuesday they will stop by Serial-Kombi and spent the night in that area to arrive at Airmapp on Wednesday. On Thursday they will arrive in the Netherlands and visit BusOK and Kieft & Klok.
Of course on Friday there will be the official Open House and BBQ at Klassic Fab / Evam Classic in Woerden (NL) before they arrive at the show.

What an awesome cruise that will be! We can't wait to see all the pictures!

SBOM5, 12 May 2018:

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