Okay, here we go. The Ben Pon Show tickets are available via the ticket-shop now!
Just click on the TICKETS button (top right) and collect them. Remember the 'On Site Camping Tickets' can only be bought online, as we have limited space available!
For other hotel and camping links and tips please read the INFO page for all information.
Remember, it's a full Vintage VW Show!
So we do not only welcome Barndoors but also:
• VW Type 2 / Splitbuses up to 1967
• VW Beetles, KdF-Wagen up to 1957
• Type 128 and 166 VW Schwimmwagen
• Type 82 VW Kübelwagen 1940 - 1945
• Coachbuilt bodies on a VW chassis up to 1967
• Karmann Ghia Type 14 up to 1959
• Karmann Ghia Type 34 up to 1969
• Type 3 1500 + 1500S up to 1965

So buy those tickets and register now!
Tickets can be bought via the ticket-shop.

Oh YES! We are proud to announce the date for 2018! Here it is >> 19-20 May 2018 and we hope to welcome you all again at the Wagenwerkplaats in Amersfoort the Netherlands! More information will follow soon! But for now... spread the word!

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